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Release Notes: 7.4

We're glad to announce DipDup 7.4! This release brings support for EVM transactions indexing in addition to existing EVM event logs index.

Indexing EVM transactions

DipDup 7.4 introduces a new index kind for processing EVM transactions. Transactions can be filtered by one or more of the following fields: from.address, to.address, method. You can define handlers for multiple sets of filters. Only necessary transactions are fetched and processed. If both "to" and "method" filters are specified, DipDup will generate a typeclass for particular input from contract ABI. Otherwise, you will have to handle untyped input data.

We have created a new demo project to showcase the new index kind, demo_evm_transactions. It's basic indexer for USDt contract token transfers.

To create a project based on this template, run dipdup new -t demo_evm_transactions.

    kind: evm.subsquid.transactions
    datasource: subsquid
      - callback: on_transfer
        to: eth_usdt
        method: transfer
    first_level: 4634748

Changes since 7.3


  • cli: Added --template option to new command to skip template selection.
  • evm.subsquid.transactions: Added evm.subsquid.transactions index kind to process EVM transactions.


  • cli: Fixed crash when running init command with a config outside of the project directory.
  • codegen: Don't create intermediate events.json file in ABI directory.
  • evm.subsquid: When request to worker fails, ask router for another one instead of retrying the same worker.

See you soon! 👋

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