DipDup Docs

DipDup is a Python framework for building smart contract indexers. It helps developers focus on business logic instead of writing a boilerplate to store and serve data.

Get started in three steps! DipDup installation and creating a new project are fully interactive and take just a few minutes! Follow the instructions on the right to get started. Ready to go beyond the basics? Time to write the project config and implement data handlers.
# Install with `pipx` or our installer
curl -Lsf https://dipdup.io/install.py | python3.11
# Create a new project interactively
dipdup new
# Enjoy your indexer!
cd my_project && dipdup run
Installer script performs compatibility checks, installs pipx for the current user and DipDup using it.


Get your first indexer running in minutes. You only need a Linux/macOS machine with Python 3.11 installed. In this short guide we will create an indexer for a fungible token contract. Our goal is to save all token transfers to the database and then calculate some statistics of its holders' activity.

EVM Start taking the first steps when working with DipDup for EVM.
Let's create an indexer for the USDt token contract.
Starknet" Discover the basics of DipDup for Starknet.
Let's create an indexer for the USDt token contract.
Tezos A short guide for a quick start with DipDup for Tezos.
Let's create an indexer for the tzBTC FA1.2 token contract.


Changelog Complete list of changes in recent DipDup versions.
Troubleshooting Got stuck? Check out the list of common issues and their solutions.
F.A.Q. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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