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Release Notes: 7.3

We're glad to announce DipDup 7.3! This release brings better support for Etherlink smart rollups and a bunch of minor improvements.

Indexing sr_execute operations on Tezos

We continue to improve support for Etherlink smart rollups introduced in 7.2. In case you've missed it, Etherlink is an EVM-compatible smart rollup on Tezos, which prioritizes fair ordering of transactions, low latency and security. They are WASM applications, providing versatility in what language you write them in.

Now you can index sr_execute operations with DipDup. This is a special operation created when rollup outbox messages are executed. You can filter them by sr1 source/destination address. demo_etherlink demo project was updated to reflect these changes. It's an indexer for a bridge contract having two handlers, for depositing tokens to the rollup address (L1 -> L2) and for withdrawing them (L2 -> L1).

spec_version: 2.0
package: demo_etherlink

    kind: tezos.tzkt
    url: ${TZKT_URL:-https://api.nairobinet.tzkt.io}

    kind: tezos
    address: KT1PmYUomF3HDxsGWYQUCbLi2X8WvT7ZHv8o
    typename: ticketer
    kind: tezos
    address: KT1TZg9EwGHKbfWvsHGsqBjm3J5NhJBtHPKX
    typename: ticket_helper
    kind: tezos
    address: sr1QgYF6ARMSLcWyAX4wFDrWFaZTyy4twbqe
    typename: rollup

    kind: tezos.tzkt.operations
    datasource: tzkt
      - ticketer
      - ticket_helper
      - rollup
      - transaction
      - sr_execute
      - callback: on_deposit
          - type: transaction
            destination: ticketer
            entrypoint: deposit
          - type: transaction
            destination: ticket_helper
            entrypoint: default
          - type: transaction
            destination: rollup
            entrypoint: default
            alias: rollup_default
      - callback: on_withdraw
          - type: sr_execute
            destination: rollup
          - type: transaction
            destination: ticketer
            entrypoint: withdraw
          - type: transaction
            source: ticketer
            entrypoint: transfer

To use this demo as a template for your own Etherlink project, run dipdup new and choose demo_etherlink template.

Read more about Etherlink and DipDup support for it:

Fixes and improvements

  • abi.etherscan: Fixed handling "rate limit reached" errors.
  • cli: Fixed setting logger levels based on config and env variables.
  • http: Fixed incorrect number of retries performed on failed requests.

See you soon! 👋

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