Powerful API for your decentralized application
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Zero boilerplate, just your business logic
  • Instant GraphQL via auto-configured Hasura engine
  • Open source, community driven project
Extendable and composable design
  • Write your own API layer or plug headless DipDup into your pipeline via message broker
  • Add background tasks, override default behavior with hooks, do whatever you do with an ordinary backend
  • Use off-chain datasources and quote providers such as IPFS, Aleph, Coinbase, and many more
  • Create multi-level indexing cascades to deal with complexity and growing amounts of data
More about DipDup architecture
Seamless chain reorgs handling
  • DipDup takes care of chain reorganisations, no need to implement custom rollback handlers
  • You can always take back control if you want though
  • A lagged indexing mode is available if you need more block confirmations
Read about database-level rollbacks
Production ready
  • Declarative configuration with compose-like syntax
  • Simple yet powerful logging
  • Built-in support for Sentry, Prometheus, and Better Uptime-like services
  • Use on-premise Docker/K8S setup, or Amazon RDS, Heroku, and Hasura Cloud
Learn more about DipDup maintenance
Supported networks
More to come soon!
In development
Use cases
Here are a few scenarios where DipDup can make your life much easier:
  • Creating analytics backend
    With extensive use of time series, data aggregations, views, in order to power rich charts with multiple time frames, informative summaries, and more.
  • Building ETL pipeline
    Create a cascade of multiple DipDup-based indexers working on top of each other, Integrate into your multi-chain solution via message broker.
  • Handling complex dapp state
    When you have numerous tables with sophisticated column relations, and your database schema diagram doesn't fit into a single screen.
  • Working with large contract sets
    DipDup allows to reuse code and optimize resources when dealing with contracts spawned by a factory, or contract sharing the same code.
  • Merging data feeds
    Enrich indexed smart contract data with off-chain information, currency quotes, token metadata, and other feeds.
  • Running background tasks
    Schedule cron jobs with access to the global state to perform regular maintenance operations, separate concerns to achieve a more clean and reliable solution.
In our community we are facilitating ideas exchange and providing support for newcomers.

The DipDup roadmap depends a lot on the feedback we get from our users, many of them also actively contribute to the codebase.
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How we can help
We are happy to share our expertise and assist with creating the best solution for your case.
  • Dedicated support
    We can provide you with a direct support line, and assist both with development questions and production incidents. We will ensure you are not blocked by any issues on DipDup side.
  • Consulting and audit
    If you are not sure how to start we would love to give you a tour or make a workshop for your dev team. We can also help with reviewing your DipDup based solution, locating bottlenecks, and applying best practices
  • Custom development
    We can implement a particular feature if it is required for your case with high priority. Moreover, we can build a custom solution based on your spec and hand it over to your in-house developer team afterwards.
  • Managed services
    Running an indexer at scale is not easy, even with all the nice features DipDup provides. What we propose is to take full care of your backend, including hosting, scaling, monitoring, backuping, handling incidents, etc.