EVM Networks


Getting started

DipDup works with any EVM-compatible network as long as there are Subsquid and/or archive nodes available! Here's how to get started with your favorite network:

  • Follow the EVM quickstart guide. Choose a template from the "EVM-compatible" section and follow the instructions.
  • Update the datasources config section with URLs from the table below. Modify the file or better use environment variables.
  • Update the contracts config section. If you want to run the demo project as is, just replace the ERC-20 contract address with the one from your network.

That's it! You can now run the indexer with dipdup run.

Endpoints and status

We do not recommend any specific node provider. Providers mentioned below were tested with DipDup on a free tier and listed for informational purposes only.

Blast L2

Explorer: Blast Explorer

evm.subsquid🟢 works
abi.etherscan🟢 works
evm.node🟢 workshttps://rpc.blast.io¹

¹ ratelimited to 10 RPS

Blast Sepolia

| evm.subsquid | 🤔 not tested | | | abi.etherscan | 🤔 not tested | | | evm.node | 🤔 not tested | |

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