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Ultimate blockchain API

DipDup Verticals offer an extensive set of blockchain data collections, ranging from generic to application-specific, all conveniently accessible through GraphQL API.
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Legacy Preserving We aim to protect devs from breaking changes in the blockchain protocols and standards which is a common thing in fast developing ecosystems.
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Cloud & On-Promise Setup Caters to diverse client needs, ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and compliance with various security and data sovereignty requirements.
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Modular & Composable Stack Enhance your Vertical with any service exposing GraphQL API, or with an indexing module built with our Golang SDK or Python framework.
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How you can use them
Explorers Display usual blocks and txs, as well as derived data like tokens with metadata, chain stats, decoded calldata & events, and more.
Wallets Query token balances & transfers at scale, with searchable metadata and reference prices, organize by collections, categories, and author.
GameFi Enable swift navigation through your assets, build in-game marketplaces with rich UI, bind to on-chain engine components, and more.
DeFi Aggregate liquidity pools, build candle charts, merge external price feeds, run background jobs, automate app maintenance.
NFT Marketplaces Aggregate NFT collections, sales, and auctions, provide extensive search, robust metadata handling, integrate with existing workflows.
Infrastructure Index on-chain identities & domains, DAOs, enable complex NFT auth workflows for Discord groups, build custom ETL pipelines.
Create API for your caseBuild a tailored solution with minimum boilerplate, choose suitable DB and API engines, third-party plugins, as well as the most convenient deployment option.
Get Started
Easy onboardingScaffolding, declarative config, great docs
Time & cost savingCode generation, fast indexing, Python ecosystem
Low vendor lock-in riskOpen source, lightweight middleware, easy to migrate
This project is maintained by the Baking Bad team.
Development is supported by Tezos Foundation and OnlyDust.
Powerful API for your decentralized application. Open source, community driven project.