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Show the version and exit.

-c, --config <PATH>

A path to DipDup project config.

-e, --env-file <PATH>

A path to .env file containing KEY=value strings.

Documentation: https://dipdup.io/docs GitHub: https://github.com/dipdup-io/dipdup Discord: https://discord.gg/aG8XKuwsQd

Commands to manage DipDup configuration.

dipdup config [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Dump environment variables used in DipDup config.

If variable is not set, default value will be used.

dipdup config env [OPTIONS]


-o, --output <output>

Output to file instead of stdout.

Print config after resolving all links and, optionally, templates.

WARNING: Avoid sharing output with 3rd-parties when –unsafe flag set - it may contain secrets!

dipdup config export [OPTIONS]



Resolve environment variables or use default values from config.


Resolve index templates.

Commands related to Hasura integration.

dipdup hasura [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Configure Hasura GraphQL Engine to use with DipDup.

dipdup hasura configure [OPTIONS]



Proceed even if Hasura is already configured.

Generate project tree, callbacks and types.

This command is idempotent, meaning it won’t overwrite previously generated files unless asked explicitly.

dipdup init [OPTIONS]


-f, --force

Regenerate existing types and ABIs.

Migrate project to the new spec version.

If you’re getting MigrationRequiredError after updating DipDup, this command will fix imports and type annotations to match the current spec_version. Review and commit changes after running it.

dipdup migrate [OPTIONS]

Create a new project interactively.

dipdup new [OPTIONS]


-q, --quiet

Use default values for all prompts.

-f, --force

Overwrite existing files.

-r, --replay <replay>

Replay a previously saved state.

Inspect and manage project package.

dipdup package [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

dipdup package tree [OPTIONS]

List and manage reports.

dipdup report [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

dipdup report rm [OPTIONS] [ID]


-a, --all

Remove all reports.



Optional argument

dipdup report show [OPTIONS] ID



Required argument

Run indexer.

Execution can be gracefully interrupted with Ctrl+C or SIGINT signal.

dipdup run [OPTIONS]

Commands to manage database schema.

dipdup schema [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Continue to use existing schema after reindexing was triggered.

dipdup schema approve [OPTIONS]

Print SQL schema including scripts from sql/on_reindex.

This command may help you debug inconsistency between project models and expected SQL schema.

dipdup schema export [OPTIONS]

Prepare a database for running DipDup.

This command creates tables based on your models, then executes sql/on_reindex to finish preparation - the same things DipDup does when run on a clean database.

dipdup schema init [OPTIONS]

Drop all database tables, functions and views.

WARNING: This action is irreversible! All indexed data will be lost!

dipdup schema wipe [OPTIONS]



Drop immune tables too.


Skip confirmation prompt.

Commands to manage local DipDup installation.

dipdup self [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

Install DipDup for the current user.

dipdup self install [OPTIONS]


-q, --quiet

Use default values for all prompts.

-f, --force

Force reinstall.

-v, --version <version>

Install DipDup from a specific version.

-r, --ref <ref>

Install DipDup from a specific git ref.

-p, --path <path>

Install DipDup from a local path.

Uninstall DipDup for the current user.

dipdup self uninstall [OPTIONS]


-q, --quiet

Use default values for all prompts.

Update DipDup for the current user.

dipdup self update [OPTIONS]


-q, --quiet

Use default values for all prompts.

-f, --force

Force reinstall.

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