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big_map Index

Big maps are lazy structures allowing to access and update only exact keys. Gas costs for these operations doesn't depend on the size of a big map, but you can't iterate over it's keys onchain.

big_map index allows querying only updates of specific big maps. In some cases, it can drastically reduce the amount of data transferred and thus indexing speed compared to fetching all operations.

    kind: tezos.tzkt.big_maps
    datasource: tzkt
    skip_history: never
      - callback: on_ledger_update
        contract: token
        path: data.ledger
      - callback: on_token_metadata_update
        contract: token
        path: token_metadata


Each big map handler contains three required fields:

  • callback — a name of async function with a particular signature; DipDup will search for it in dipdup_indexer.handlers.<callback> module
  • contract — big map parent contract
  • path — path to the big map in the contract storage (use dot as a delimiter)

Index only the current state

When the skip_history field is set to once, DipDup will skip historical changes only on initial sync and switch to regular indexing afterward. When the value is always, DipDup will fetch all big map keys on every restart. Preferable mode depends on your workload.

All big map diffs DipDup passes to handlers during fast sync have the action field set to BigMapAction.ADD_KEY. Remember that DipDup fetches all keys in this mode, including ones removed from the big map. You can filter them out later by BigMapDiff.data.active field if needed.

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