Demo projects

You can start with DipDup by using one of the demo projects, basic indexer examples for various real-case scenarios. Run dipdup new to create a new project and choose one of the available demos.

Do not use the demo projects in production unmodified! They are intended to help you understand how to use DipDup and get started with your project.
demo_blankEmpty config for a fresh startlink
demo_evm_eventsEVMERC-20 token transfers (from event logs)link
demo_evm_transactionsEVMERC-20 token transfers (from transactions)link
demo_uniswapEVMUniswap V3 pools, positions, etc. (advanced, uses TimescaleDB)link
demo_auctionTezosNFT marketplace (TzColors)link
demo_big_mapsTezosIndexing specific big mapslink
demo_daoTezosDAO registry (Homebase DAO)link
demo_dexTezosDEX balances and liquidity (Quipuswap)link
demo_domainsTezosDomain name service (Tezos Domains)link
demo_etherlinkTezosEtherlink smart rollup transactionslink
demo_eventsTezosProcessing contract eventslink
demo_factoriesTezosExample of spawning indexes in runtimelink
demo_headTezosProcessing head block metadata (realtime only)link
demo_nft_marketplaceTezosNFT marketplace (hic at nunc)link
demo_rawTezosProcess raw operations without filtering and typed payloadslink
demo_tokenTezosFA1.2 token contract operationslink
demo_token_balancesTezosFA1.2 token balanceslink
demo_token_transfersTezosFA1.2 token transferslink
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