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Demo projects

The DipDup repository contains several minimal examples of how to use various features for real-case scenarios. Please, do not use these examples in production unmodified. We have not put a production-grade amount of effort into developing them, so they may contain flaws in indexing logic.

Some projects that started as a demo now evolved into full-fledged applications running in production. Check out In production page.

TzBTC token

source: demo_token

The most basic indexer used in Quickstart. A single operation index to track balances of TzBTC token holders, nothing else.

hic et nunc

source: demo_nft_marketplace

Indexes trades and swaps of "hic et nunc", one of the most popular NFT marketplaces on Tezos.


source: demo_dex

Covers all available operations of Quipuswap DEX contracts: trades, transfers, moving liquidity. A more complex example with index templates.

Homebase RegistryDAO

source: demo_factories

Homebase enables users to create DAO contracts. In this example, indexes are spawned in runtime (see Spawning in runtime) for all contracts having the same script.

Tezos Domains (operation)

source: demo_domains

Tezos Domains is a distributed naming system. You probably have seen those fancy user.tez names while browsing explorers. This is a pretty basic example of how to index them.

Tezos Domains (big_map)

source: demo_big_maps

The same as above, but uses big_map index instead of operation one. The storage structure of this contract is pretty straightforward; we only need to track a single big map. This example contains skip_history: once directive to index only the current state of the contract before switching to realtime processing. It allows to speed up indexing even more.


source: demo_auction

A very basic indexer of TzColors NFT token and marketplace. Unlike hic et nunc this marketplace provides auction functionality. Other than that, it is pretty much the same.

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