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Prometheus integration

DipDup provides basic integration with the Prometheus monitoring system by exposing some metrics.

When running DipDup in Docker make sure that the Prometheus instance is in the same network.

Available metrics

The following metrics are exposed under dipdup namespace:

metric namedescription
dipdup_indexes_totalNumber of indexes in operation by status
dipdup_index_total_sync_duration_secondsDuration of the last synchronization
dipdup_index_total_realtime_duration_secondsDuration of the last realtime queue processing
dipdup_index_levels_to_sync_totalNumber of levels to reach synced state
dipdup_index_levels_to_realtime_totalNumber of levels to reach realtime state
dipdup_index_handlers_matched_totalIndex total hits
dipdup_datasource_head_updated_timestampTimestamp of the last head update
dipdup_datasource_rollbacks_totalNumber of rollbacks
dipdup_http_errors_totalNumber of HTTP errors

Also, DipDup exposes the following metrics for compatibility with Subsquid Cloud:

metric namedescription
sqd_processor_last_blockLevel of the last processed block from Subsquid Network
sqd_processor_chain_heightCurrent chain height as reported by Subsquid Network
sqd_processor_archive_http_errors_in_rowNumber of consecutive failed requests to Subsquid Network

If you need more complex metrics, consider querying Internal tables.

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Table of Contents