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Database engines

DipDup officially supports SQLite, PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB as a database engine. This table will help you choose a database engine that mostly suits your needs.

Recommended versionslatest14, 1514, 15
Best applicationearly developmentgeneral usageworking with timeseries
SQL scripts
Immune tables
Hasura integration

By default DipDup uses in-memory SQLite database that destroys after the process exits.

Immune tables support for SQLite is experimental and requires advanced.unsafe_sqlite flag set. Use this feature only for early experiments with database structure, and switch to PostgreSQL/TimescaleDB later.

Latest PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB versions are recommended due to significant performance improvements in recent releases (see Feature matrix page).

Usually it's okay to use different database engines for development and production, but be careful with SQL scripts and column types that can behave differently.

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