In some cases, DipDup can't proceed with indexing without a full wipe. Several reasons trigger reindexing:

manualReindexing triggered manually from callback with ctx.reindex.
migrationApplied migration requires reindexing. Check release notes before switching between major DipDup versions to be prepared.
rollbackReorg message received from datasource and can not be processed.
config_modifiedOne of the index configs has been modified.
schema_modifiedDatabase schema has been modified. Try to avoid manual schema modifications in favor of SQL scripts.

It is possible to configure desirable action on reindexing triggered by a specific reason.

exception (default)Raise ReindexingRequiredError and quit with error code. The safest option since you can trigger reindexing accidentally, e.g., by a typo in config. Don't forget to set up the correct restart policy when using it with containers.
wipeDrop the whole database and start indexing from scratch. Be careful with this option!
ignoreIgnore the event and continue indexing as usual. It can lead to unexpected side-effects up to data corruption; make sure you know what you are doing.

To configure actions for each reason, add the following section to the DipDup config:

    manual: wipe
    migration: exception
    rollback: ignore
    config_modified: exception
    schema_modified: exception
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