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Internal tables

This page describes the internal tables used by DipDup. They are created automatically and are not intended to be modified by the user. However, they can be useful for external monitoring and debugging.

dipdup_schemaInformation about database schema in use including hash to detect changes that require reindexing.
dipdup_headThe latest block received by index datasources in realtime state. Indicates that underlying datasource is ok.
dipdup_indexEverything about specific indexes from config: status, current level, template and it's values if applicable.
dipdup_contractInfo about contracts used by all indexes, including ones added in runtime.
dipdup_model_updateService table to store model diffs for database rollback. Configured by advanced.rollback_depth
dipdup_metaArbitrary key-value storage for DipDup internal use. Survives reindexing. You can use it too, but don't touch keys with dipdup_ prefix.
dipdup_contract_metadataSee Metadata interface page
dipdup_token_metadataSee Metadata interface page

See dipdup.models module for exact table definitions.

If you want to use these tables in monitoring, here are some SQL snippets to help you get started:

-- Time since last block received by index datasources
SELECT name, NOW() - timestamp FROM dipdup_head;
-- Index statuses
SELECT name, status FROM dipdup_index;
-- Get last reindex time
SELECT created_at FROM dipdup_schema WHERE name = 'public';
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