Feature flags

Feature flags allow users to modify parameters that affect the behavior of the whole framework. Choosing the right combination of flags for an indexer project can improve performance, reduce RAM consumption, or enable useful features.

Project config

Flags related to the project are set in the advanced section of the config (most likely in dipdup.yaml).

early_realtimeEstablish realtime connection and start collecting messages while sync is in progress (faster, but consumes more RAM).
postpone_jobsDo not start job scheduler until all indexes reach the realtime state.
skip_version_checkDisable warning about running unstable or out-of-date DipDup version.
unsafe_sqliteDisable journaling and data integrity checks. Use only for testing.

Environment variables

DipDup uses multiple environment variables internally. They read once on process start and usually do not change during runtime. You can access them in the dipdup.env module to perform additional checks or modify the behavior of your project.

env variablemodule pathdescription
DIPDUP_CIdipdup.env.CIRunning in GitHub Actions
DIPDUP_DEBUGdipdup.env.DEBUGEnable debug logging and additional checks
DIPDUP_DOCKERdipdup.env.DOCKERRunning in Docker
DIPDUP_NEXTdipdup.env.NEXTEnable experimental features from the next major release that require schema changes
DIPDUP_NO_VERSION_CHECKdipdup.env.NO_VERSION_CHECKDisable warning about running unstable or out-of-date DipDup version
DIPDUP_NO_SYMLINKdipdup.env.NO_SYMLINKDon't create magic symlink in th package root even when used as cwd
DIPDUP_REPLAY_PATHdipdup.env.REPLAY_PATHPath to datasource replay files; used in tests
DIPDUP_TESTdipdup.env.TESTRunning in pytest
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